As part of my project to port the BrewPi firmware to the ESP8266 I decided to create an enclosure to tie everything together.

The case comes in two parts – a lid (which holds the LCD display) and a base (which holds everything else).

BrewPi ESP8266 Case Base
Case Base

This enclosure isn’t perfect – the overhang on the AC plugs is rough without supports, and the PCB could use an additional support post underneath it (even though there aren’t screw holes) — but when assembled, it works great!

Enclosure overhang issues
Enclosure overhang issues

The models are posted on Thingiverse here and can be printed on most 3D printers. I recommend printing at a minimum resolution of 0.20mm to ensure the supports in the base print correctly.

Bill of Materials for the complete build is as follows:


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2 thoughts on “BrewPi + ESP8266 Enclosure

  1. Hi Thorrak

    Thanks for putting this together

    Would it be possible to do a version without the 2x SS-6B Snap In AC Connectors as these are not compatible with a lot of European socket versions.

    May i suggest just a hole for the iec connector and the rest of the panel blank so the user can cut their own holes.

    Many thanks for all your work on this

    1. I’ve got another version that I need to post soon that uses standard US outlet connectors. I would imagine that something similar could be done for European-style outlets as well by editing the OpenSCAD files.

      As far as leaving the rest of the panel blank, unfortunately I don’t think that would work with most 3D printed boxes. The problem you have is that most of the time the wall is mostly hollow, so it would be prone to shattering when you tried to drill out the holes.

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